Two years ago, I thought of the concept ‘Placement

Of Shapes’ and began painting with this idea.


I, You, and We

Whether We fit

Whether We are in balance

Whether the distances among Us are appropriate or not

Whether We are too close or We could be closer

But the more I kept on painting and continued life,

the more You and We became vague and I became full

Of thoughts about I.

I changed directions.

Problem are everywhere.

It’s about problems.

My beliefs, my hopes, and what I have been trying to

keep have created who I am now and I ask myself

Whether it is okay as it is.

Is it good enough?

It’s not about circumstances.

It’s about I, my placement.

These paintings are personal stories about me.

I believe this can lead to the viewer’s own personal stories.

I’ll leave it to the viewers to find out where Their placement might be.

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